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Keep both feet planted firmly in the air [entries|friends|calendar]
Rebel without a clue

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[Saturday, March 11th, 2006 at 9:40pm]
friendly reminder again that I will be deleting this journal soon, so if you would like to continue keeping in contact with me via livejournal, add me over there.

the new journal is eyesinlove

I will be deleting this baby in a few days.
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announcemENT [Thursday, March 9th, 2006 at 9:40am]
EDIT-or rather ignore the past entry and lookie at this one.

I am over THIS JOURNAL. I don't know why, (or rather I pretty much do, but it's easier to say this instead of going into a deep pyschological analysis), but whenever I enter I new phase in my life, I need to refresh certain things, start all over. I can't even count how many times I've moved in the past few years, changed my hair, and so many other things, and livejournal dorkily happens to be one of them . I've been on livejournal for three years, and had three journals, and each so far has marked a certain phase of my life.

what I am realizing is that I'm changing phases right now, thus things are getting crazy confusing because I haven't fully transitioned yet.

anyway. I realized I am not sick of livejournal persay, but sick of this livejournal (I've had this one for a year +). soooo NEW LIVE JOURNAL TIME! (I apologize for all of you I have known for a while, I know this must get annoying)


and for fun. akio's lj history

-youaremysex-my college/Michael obsessed/I am sheltered still and crazy journal (gag)
-fireinthepriory-my post college/what the fuck/I am an annoying arrogant obnoxious asshole/life is crazy/I am CRAZIER journal
-yesvirginia-my life is less crazy, I am growing up, and getting my shit together journal.

so hopefully eyesinlove will be my art school/I love Aaron/settling down journal...and most likely with a mild dose of crazy.

-add it if you wish
-If I don't add you back within a week or so of adding me, please take me off because it hurts my OCD when the numbers arent balanced.
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Friends Only [Monday, February 21st, 2005 at 11:40am]
a ring around the roses
everybody poses
threats and then backs down
the second you put clothes on

a ring around the roses
eveybody knows it
i will sing your fears
if you sing my neurosis

you should back out now
not a night too soon
i’ll still be here when the last poor soul has left the room

Friends Only

comment to be added
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